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I posted once but in the wrong place. I can only shower and I wonder if most people with our condition shower everyday.


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Leanne @leanne67

I certainly shower everyday but I know my skin doesn't like it. I try to use different products to help but it is more flaky after a shower. It's bittersweet unfortunately 😣

Kelly @Plum

I tend to bath more at night that way I can put loads of steroid cream on n thick lotions on n loose pjs I like to bath every other night too

Sandra @sandra2821

I shower every second day as I have hard water and with psoriasis, dry skin is twice is bad especially through winter. Doesn’t matter what product I use in winter I fight it the whole time.

Caroline @caroline2003

I used to shower daily and my psoriasis was bad and also found it didn't was the oily creams off that well. Now I have a bath and my skin is so much better but not sure whether being less stressed is something to do with it although my scalp psoriasis is really bad xx

Kelly @Plum

I’ve heard white cider vinegar is good for the head p ? I only have a few patches there I use shampoo for

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Joy, my skin does better when I shower everyday. If I skip a day, it does not like it, gets tight and dry. Welcome to Flaym!

Debra @debra133

Every other works for me, going to try the vinegar on my head, the areas on my head are fairly new to me and driving me crazy!

Sarah @sarahuk

I shower every 2 or 3 days. I use Aveeno bath and shower cream, it is lovely and very soothing. Sometimes I don't shower and just wash hair. But I do moisturise 2/3 times a day on my oldest plaques and ears! I am not a smelly person in general so I don't feel a need to shower more often. But I do always shower whenever I go to my exercise classes so I basically fit my showers around those times! I have a bath about once a month, sometimes far less. I know apple cider vinegar is good for itching and flaking, but not heard of white vinegar in the same way. Let me know how you get on with it!

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