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Hi, I just joined this community. I've had psoriasis since I was 10. Now I'm 90% covered and a lot of treatments haven't worked for me. I know I'm not alone with this disease but I feel alone. I'm looking for a support group and to make friends.


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Dakeyras @dakeyras

Hi Heather, not long joined myself but been online arround/forums for over a decade etc...Not social networking however, never been my thing to be honest but each to their own eh. :)

Re psoriatic arthritis, have that myslf in some of my knuckles and in my left knee. Overall psoriasis is mostly on my extensiors and can be on my face/ legs and back at times depending on the flare up. For you 90%, I feel for your lass but trust me you are not alone!

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

Hi Heather I am a 70% woman plagues on my body with pustular psoriasis on hands and feet which is no fun at all at one point a year ago I could barely make it around my bed and stayed in bed and got extremely depressed...I began wrapping my feet and wearing vinyl gloves at night which started to turn my life around...you will make lots of friends here and if you use the theme button above you will find so many wonderful topics and they have sure helped me smile again..as well as these wonderful men and women who come here ready with open hearts to make suggestions and help in anyway but since our P attacks us all differently start a journal and keep a record of what will and will not help yours. I started an elimination diet Monday last and I feel Ok but not great sticking with it though..I welcome you and wish you wellness always I am following you Bless you

Michelle @mishlyn

You have found the right place for that Heather 😊 So many beautiful souls here. I have learned so much and have had more support here, then I ever have in all my 25 years with Psoriasis. Welcome aboard! Great you found us here!

IDA @ida1

I have them on my lower legs have used coconut oil worked for a few days am back to using meds which I hate but living with it cannot get stressed so I am watching comics on your tube..

Heather @hmcudlebug

Thank you everyone for your lovely and welcoming responses. I really hope I can find solace here which it already seems like I may. I'm such a low maintenance person and I hate how much work it takes to treat and care for my P skin. Most times I just give up trying things. I have a very stressful life as well and I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the stress since it makes my P that much worse. Nice meeting everyone and can't wait to get to know you all and share in our P life journey.

 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

Welcome to flaym heather ,no you are not alone here, i been psoriatic since birth 49 years now and i have psoriatic arthritis 15 years too, luckily not severe, i control it to degree with diet /lifestyle changes,mainly helps my arthritis ,its good to eat a healthy psoriatic diet though and drink 2 to 3 litres of bottled or filtered water a day :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Heather, so glad you found us here! We are all here to connect and support and share. Just like you! Just being here has helped me so much in not feeling alone. Not to mention the tips I've picked up and the experiences people have shared that have helped me along the way. I really hope it can be like this for you too. Keep following and posting! Welcome! 💚

Heather @hmcudlebug

Thanks John & Sara! Look forward to chatting with you all!

Bev @bev43

Welcome Heather. This site has so many wise and friendly people who are so willing to help each other. I am sure you will find what you need here. Good Luck

Lynn @lynnb366

Welcome to the Family! Hope you come across something new to treat your Psoriasis and/or PsA

Michael @michael2620

Im in really bad pain no painkillers are working. It has never been this big ive got little dots breaking out everywhere . Cant close my hands . And starting to go to my private parts . Does anyone no of anyone who ever got rid of it permanently ??

 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

Nope, i am a lifer michael, i have had it on my privates all my life,hard place to shift without steroids now and then theres no chance for me , i cleared my hands when i changed my diet/lifestyle,i used to get it on top of my hands,diet/lifestyle changes will improve it for sure but, there is no cure as we know so,improvement is better than no improvement,

Heather @hmcudlebug

Michael, I've heard of people going into remission meaning it becomes inactive for awhile but never heard of a cure. You definitely should get a check up with a dermatologist to get on a new treatment. I'm sorry you are having so much pain with it. I know how you feel. It's definitely a painful disease. :( keep your head up and take one day at a time.

Sarah @sarahuk

Ah Michael, have you seen your derm to see what options you have available to you? Some people have great results with treatments like biologic injections for very severe psoriasis, and some become clear whilst taking the medication. Check out experiences with biologics in the themes section!

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Heather @hmcudlebug
Rancho Cucamonga

I have psoriasis almost 90% of my body and I think I'm beginning to get psoriatic arthritis. I'm 33 years old and was diagnosed around 9 or 10. I need to find people with P to relate to and not feel so alone.

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