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I just joined but have been suffering with severe hand and toe psoriasis for several years. Thanks for the welcome.


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Dakeyras @dakeyras


Joined recently myself, apart from topical treatments we get farmed of with be it various emollient based and or steroid for example. I have found use olive oil every now and again; as in rub it in and leave before washing off with a soap your skin tolerates can help. Plus you may consider trying some cider vinegar diluted in water. Did not work for me sadly but did for my sister.

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

Carla I have it all over the bottom ,toes and nail beds of my feet and also my hands which looked like twigs a year ago..cracked and split and bleeding so I do so understand..I became extremely depressed as I was a creams worked but then I had no idea what was happening and I always thought I knew my body best..didn't ..anyway sweet pea I use CBD oils and a light steroid mix and then wrap my feet almost nightly in Saran wrap and then put my socks on over that and for my hands I put CBD oil with a slathered on Gold Bond and then put on Vinyl gloves over them,my hands and then I also have pain..somedays are better than others but I pay attention now to any tightening of the skin on my palms and watch for cracks..I am constantly applying and salves I carried that day in my purse ..if my hands get too raw I put the gloves on changing them frequently you can find cheap gloves at any store and Saran wrap is also a cheapy...try wrapping for relief..I do and it works My anger became depression...we are all in this Battle together

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Welcome to Flaym Carla! As Lindakay mentions, we are all in this together 😊 It is so nice having each other to connect and share with. Great to see you found is here!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome Carla! Difficult locations for p because they are so frequently used and so visible too. Check out the themes section for posts on psoriasis on the hands and feet!

Diane @froghop26

Hello, I am a fellow hand sufferer and also have it on my feet and under toenails. I hope you find something to give you some relief.

Emma @emma8114

I have pustular psoriasis on my heel and I’m hacking a really bad flare tonight. We just have to be strong x

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