...feeling hopeful Heather @shedugie


I'm about to start a biologic. Any thoughts?


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Dakeyras @dakeyras

Not something tried myself but my sister did and had mixed results but nothing adverse/dramatic health wise if I recall. Her overall psoriasis did appear to clear up a tad(hers is far worse than my own) but have often wondered if a placebo type affect...However I am of the thought nothing ventured/gained etc and go for it lass and by all means do keep us posted. :)

Heather @shedugie

Thanks Dakeyras.


Steve @cartermac13

Been on Bio's for 10+ yrs. nothing to be afraid of, they work for me:) Side effects are none existence for me also, just make sure you get a flu shot every year & pneumonia shot every 5 yrs. & you'll be good to go:)

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Heather! Good luck with your biologic. I don't have experience of taking one, but I hope you have good results and keep us posted of how you find the process and how your psoriasis responds!

Heather @shedugie

Thanks a lot. I will let everyone know.

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