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Those who have inverse psoriasis, under breast and groin, does it get moist/sweaty and also have a weird smell? Does anybody notice their psoriasis skin puts off a weird smell?


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 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

Hello heather,i get it on one side of my groin, its odd i know, the right side which is obviously my dark side :) yes it can let of a bit of an odour/smell,i have plaque psoriasis but i am suspicious since i been here over a year ago now :) if i get inverse in certain places?not uncommon to have 2 types, glad you are okay :)

Heather @hmcudlebug

Yes I have plaque, guttate and inverse psoriasis. Sucks having multiple types, so difficult to keep up with managing it. Inverse P sucks especially when it cracks :(

Michelle @mishlyn

I have experienced the same Heather with inverse. It can be so incredibly sore. I use Sudocrem when I have an inverse Flare, I find it quite soothing.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Heather, I don't have it under breasts and groin, but I do have inverse p in my bum crack, and it literally cracks. It does get sweaty when I exercise (my most recent tear there was when exercising when it was sweaty) but I don't notice any smell from there. But I guess it's at the back of my body away from my nostrils!

Heather @hmcudlebug

Michelle, thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it. Sarah yes I have it there too, and that one is the most painful for sure!

craig @craig125

My wife has inverse P under her breast, under the baby belly, groin, top of her bum crack... and worst for her (as she's currently dictating to me) is her belly button. She a larger woman so her flare up inside her belly button are awful for her, it tears, weeps, smells and it can hurt for days even with treating it. Best thing she's found for all of them has been medicated talc powder, not only dries it enough to help it heal but has a cooling/soothing effect to relief the pain. Thankfully I only suffer from normal P on the soles of my feet... though I hate my feet being wet so moisturiser is a no-go for me.

Heather @hmcudlebug

Craig, I experience similar to your wife and am also a plus size gal. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has stinky smells coming from their inverse Psoriasis. I thought maybe I could have something else wrong. I've usually just used baby powder but I will try the powder you speak of. I'm sorry to hear you have it on your feet. I'm so terrified of getting it on my feet and palms in which i could only imagine make life 100 times more challenging and miserable. I feel ya on the way feeling, I hate the greasy and sticky feeling of lotions, topical, etc but I know I have to use it so I have to find a way to deal. I wouldn't survive without moisturizing..

Margaret @margaret11

I get it under my breasts and also in my butt crack as Well.
It only stinks if I don't clean those areas and dry them well mid day .
I use a hydracordison cream and it does help to heal it .

Debra @debra133

I used to use Z something powder for athletes foot, a dermatologist suggested it years ago. Lately been using baby powder just not as good though cheaper. I have inverse (also a plus size) guttae and scalp and plaque psoriasis. Worst is under belly where skin is thin and butt crack! I use a yeast cream and cortisone cream...some relief but need to keep dry! When I have a really bad flare up a dry thin cotton wash cloth folded up under my belly helps.

Caitlyn @cait

I have bad inverse. Yes it smells. No matter now much i rinse and use qv was it doesn't go away. When its really sweety and itchy. It feels oily. I lay naked under fan to help. It does a little

Nikki @niksam

Inverse P often gets a fungal infection, which is that nasty smell. Steroid creams and antifungal creams on their own don’t help, but there is a cream available on prescription that has a mild dose of both in it. If I use it a couple of times a week, it stops the fungal infection reoccurring. The cream has been a godsend and can be used in ANY area of the body...under breasts, genitals, bum cracks, armpits, belly button etc etc.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Nikki, great to see you! Was wondering how you are doing.

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I have psoriasis almost 90% of my body and I think I'm beginning to get psoriatic arthritis. I'm 33 years old and was diagnosed around 9 or 10. I need to find people with P to relate to and not feel so alone.

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