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Interesting time coming up. Having hand surgery on the 26th so will have to stop taking the biologic immuno-suppressant for a while - will be interesting to see how my skin responds!


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Bev @bev43

Good Luck Victor hopefully your skin doesn't react badly

Nicola @Nicky

Yes indeed it will. I just want something to stop me scratching my ears to pieces.

James @ferns

Hopefully nothing will happen cause if your hand is bandaged it will make scratching harder.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

oh dear james, thats funny haha :)

Nicola @Nicky

Its only my nails on my hands that are affected no other part of my body has it. the nails have ridges and break downwards

Michelle @mishlyn

Good Luck Victor! I hope it is smooth sailing for you. How long do you have to be off them for?

Michelle @michelle1021

Good luck Victor. I hope and pray the operation does not affect your P. Don't stress about it either because you already have P and all of us are here to support you. If it gets worst so be it, as long as the op goes well. :)

Jayne @jaynemaber

Good luck Victor x

Susan @godcares

Victor I think nothing will happen. You will be fine and you won't have any flares. Positivity going your way.

Melissa @melissa120874

I have Psoriasis with Psoriatic Arthritis & had rotator cuff surgery last year. I continued taking my biologic drug by iv at the time. I kept my stitches in an extra week, but had no issues with infection. I just made sure it stayed clean and dry.

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Victor @victor
London, United Kingdom

Former sufferer of Psoriasis for over 25 years now clear thanks to biological treatment!

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