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How do you guys keep from scratching the lesions? It's very tempting to.


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Karenza @karenza

Try not to because if you scratch you make it worse apply some vit e cream

Sarah @sarahuk

For me it has been 20 years of trying and failing to stop scratching, and one year of actually making myself stick to not scratching! And now the habit is broken and I don't scratch anymore. Woohoo! Apart from if I'm asleep I guess. Mental reconditioning - that scratching is a form of injury in itself!

joanne @joanne1954

Scratching feels blissful for a minute, ..... i have to be so careful not to tear my skin, it takes weeks to heal and is so
Vitamin D ointment can help

Susanne @SusiQ

Depending on where the plaques are it is hard not to scratch when they itch. I have used an over the counter (mild)cortisone cream or liquid which are anti-itch as well as anti inflammatory. If you can’t find those, an ice pack may help stop the itching. Don’t scratch because they may bleed or get infected.🙂

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Mississauga, ON, Canada

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