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I have had this for so many years , my biggest fear is my daughter getting it.
I never want her to have to deal with this


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Karin @karinm

Margaret, Iโ€™m with you on this. And not just with my kids but now my grandkids. My only comfort is that my diet changes have helped my case so if they get it there is something they can try instead of just creams that had no positive effect on my p at all.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Margaret! You have just basically tapped in to my biggest worry about psoriasis too. I'm sure loads of us worry about this. I saw a post somewhere (not Flaym!) the other week that said people with psoriasis shouldn't be allowed to have children. That is quite upsetting in many ways! I do worry for my boys. But then if I wasn't worrying about psoriasis for them, I'd be worrying about the 10000001 other things there are to worry about anyway ๐Ÿ˜

Michelle @mishlyn

That is also a fear of mine. Always making sure they moisturize good in the winter and on the look out for any skin changes. Sarah, I cannot believe that article---my goodness. I would love to put my thoughts on that post!! grrrrr......

Debbie @debbie25670

Hi I got scalp psoriasis when I was 13, had it now for 35 years, I have had 4 children and so far psoriasis free x

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Margaret. I was scared too that both my daughters might get it as well. I was so cautious in what I used on them, soap, shampoo, medication etc, but I realized that, I can't take away their freedom of choice and them just being a child. They loved the bubble baths, different kinds of hand lotions, perfume, know everything a little girls loves and I just left it. I made sure they knew that I was there for them. I taught them about P and today they basically know more about it than I do. They are 25 and 23 yrs old, and so far no indication of a spot, but I pray to God they don't get it. Should they get it, they will be strong enough to handle it. Don't worry about your girl, teach her from young what it is and let her become wise and understanding towards the condition.

Michelle @michelle1021

Sarah, I am really highly upset about that article you read about us P sufferers should not have children. I'M really...REALLY UPSET. Michelle, I would love to get my ankles around his neck and show him some L..Flakes. Such judgmental people makes me sick and I would love to have a say in that article as well. People like that, bring out the worst in me and I have to admit, I can become like the baby from 'Incedibles 2' ๐Ÿ˜ˆ.

Sarah @sarahuk

I know Michelle, I was honestly upset by it too. Everyone who saw it and commented were absolutely outraged, as I was too.

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