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My psoriasis does define me. Let me explain: having this disease teaches you things, takes you on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, the struggles you deal with; all change, mold and form your personality, thoughts and feelings. Therefore...


Theme Confidence and Psoriasis

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Heather @hmcudlebug

Who would I be if I didn't have this disease? I know I would be a different person, live a different life, have different experiences and all these things mold you into who you are. If I didn't know what struggle is, maybe I wouldn't be as nice as a person, as open and unbiased as I am today. So yes, in my opinion and experiences, psoriasis does define me, but I'm proud of that and who I am today. I've survived struggles far worse than many people without Psoriasis or any type of disease. I know many others may have a different opinion and that's okay, I respect that. Be who you are and accept your disease and the person it has molded you into. You all are beautiful people. :)

Sarah @sarahuk

What a lovely inspiring message, Heather! I am of the same belief that psoriasis does define me in some ways, but I also think in other ways that it doesn't. Psoriasis is a mysterious thing!

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

I love this post Heather and I especially like Sarahs"Woman of Mystery" idea...the fact is I think Psorasis gave me a deeper reflection into what many of my patients feel when they get a new diagnosis of Cancer and end of Life issues...for me my depression sprung out of my anger with Psorasis and what I felt were limitations and yes it did limit me for a time it was painful scales and cracks on my feet and hands that prevented me from doing what I loved doing..nursing...however Psorasis brought me into the acknowledgement of who I actually was made me dig deeper with my new found thorns and search for a new beginning..stop self pitying baggage..drop the front of being a professional with No Problems to some one who DEALS with Life 1 A on Life's terms..and also brought me ever closer to God and my real reason for being put here..and what my real work involved me in...growing mutually with other Human Beings..not set apart...reality reached into my chest and grabbed my heart..Psorasis made all the difference in the world and aligned me with the true Nature of my Soul,God and Others Be really great today you guys hugs and much love ..

Sue1963 @sue1963

I know exactly how you're feeling. My life revolves around this miserable disease. I'm so tired of it and all its taken from me. I have plaque psoriasis on the bottom of my feet. I was a nurse for many years and I enjoyed great health until I stepped in raw sewage at a patient's home. Her septic tank was shot and seeping through the ground. That was 4 years ago. I am fortunate to have a supportive family, and I won my workers comp case after all this time. I'm not able to walk without pain and bleeding. If you ever need to talk i will pm you my phone number. Please don't give up, they are close to finding a cure for us. Hang in, Susan

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

My Feet are my nemesis Sue and yes my Dear they hurt,they bleed and the cracks are horrific sometimes..not so much now that I wrap them each night with Saran wrap...my hands I cover with Vinyl gloves and medicated steroid gel..Hugs dear heart

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Heather @hmcudlebug
Rancho Cucamonga

I have psoriasis almost 90% of my body and I think I'm beginning to get psoriatic arthritis. I'm 33 years old and was diagnosed around 9 or 10. I need to find people with P to relate to and not feel so alone.

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