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Probiotics? What are ur reviews on this I looked on the search bar but can’t find answers I’m looking for like what dosage where to buy from and dose it work thanks 🙏🏼


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Kelly. I don't really have much experience with it but what I read was "Adding probiotic-rich foods to your diet is an easy way to introduce these bacteria into your system. Probiotic bacteria are commonly found in the following:

fermented cheeses, such as Gouda, cheddar, Swiss, and parmesan
sourdough bread
acidophilus milk"

Now, these are all products which I can't eat. my P starts itching within half an hour and inflammation builds up, which is why I have never even tried the tablets. I'm not very familiar with probiotics. But on here, you will find the answer. Sorry.

Michelle @michelle1021

On Flaym I mean. sorry.

Ruben @ruben

Hello Kelly,
I found an article this weekend about auto immune diseases (I posted it earlier today)
I think this only proves that gut health is extremely important, as some of us already suspected. Probiotics should improve gut health...

Jen @jen1984

Hi Kelly you will find probiotic capsules at your pharmacy. Most people take 50 billion and yes they do work.

Michelle @mishlyn

They have been really great for me as well Kelly. I recently started a new one 60 billion, 11 strains ans 200mg L-Glutamine. I went to a health food store and they helped guide me in the right direction. I wanted to try one that had a little extra to gear towards healthy skin and she suggested the L-Glutamine addition.

 john,darts vader
john,darts vader @chewbacca

i get me some 50 billion as long as i dont have take 50 billion of whatever it is and 60 billion,does it go higher? i like to go all out :) glad they work :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Kelly! I make water kefir at home which (as you probably know) is a probiotic drink made with kefir grains. Many people drink dairy kefir, but I'm dairy-free right now so I have the water kefir version. I don't take any supplements. I looked in to it, but they are so expensive and I can't manage that right now.

Susan @godcares

Hi Kelly. Probiotics are something I experimented with alot. Back in the day of my parents it was no big deal. Home made yogurt, sauerkraut, fermented pickles. I spent a ton of money on different probiotics too all my life. Now I only take Moringa which is a natural pro and pre biotic. Only grown in certain soil if you want good quality. Our health food store has some and after I chatted with the "expert" she had no idea that all Moringa is not the same. If you want more info just message me. You can google the vitamins in Moringa too. Loaded with everything you need. I only take that and now make my own Kombucha. In the summer I make fermented pickles that are to die for. You can ferment any vegetable which I add to my pickles. The gut health is the thing that will need to be restored for healing. Not just the body, but our brains too. It's quite fascinating to tell you the truth. I've been wanting to make Kefir as well. The grains are really costly here and honestly, with moving and my business growing, I have to stay balanced with what I introduce. I will get moved in and then try Sarah's water kefir as I too am off dairy.

Sarah I wonder if you can make it with rice milk? Not sure if you tried that. I don't eat cereal or have milk in my coffee so no real need for rice milk but I am a bit curious.

Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't tried it with rice milk Susan! I know you can make it with goats milk and many people do that. Apparently there is only a trace of lactose left after the fermenting process so it is light, but I still don't do it and stick with water. You can use coconut water, and then you don't need sugar I think.

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Kelly @Plum
Letchworth Garden City

I've had p since 12 yrs ago , I've had light therapy didn't work I've had [...] made me so poorly Also got most of the ointments n creams Also used my local sunbeds ! If anyone in the U.K. Can advise what the doctors can prescribe ❤️

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