...feeling afraid Don @don


well as you all know I like the sun it gets rid of the scales and makes me feel good . bad news for me today in the hospital found out I have a sun cancer lump on my neck witch is getting cut out in 2 or 3 weeks so not a happy boy today xxx


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hilary @hilary

That's a bummer. xx

Don @don

got to have a hat on in the sun worse with no hair xx

Jo @jo

Sorry to hear that Don- I had a growth on my forehead which had to be removed about 5 years ago I think I had overdone sun , sunbeds and the light treatment I have had since the age of five and I have to stay out of the sun now as much as possible.I do know how it feels and it was a very worrying time -I have had no further repercussions since it was removed successfully and analysed so my thoughts are with you x

Don @don

thank you for all your support . its nice to know people know what am going through xxx

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Hold in there buddy ;)

We're here!

Liz @lizzi

Aww don well let's hope they get it all and you get better soon x

Sian @sian

Stay strong Don, must be terrifying but you can beat this :)

Chris @Ryder

Good luck with the lump. Just don't get stressed about it and make the psoriasis worse!

Janice @Immy

So sorry to hear this Don, wishing you a successful recovery with your treatment. x

Chris @Helpful

A friend of mine made a paste of bi-carbonate (baking soda) he dabbed it on three times a day its up to you what you do with the this information, Good luck.

Don @don

well its a rodent growth through the sun I should be fine after they get it off , thank you all xxx

Chezpeers @Chezpeers

Keep us informed on how you get on, try not to stress, easier said than done, <3

Dot @dot

So sorry Don, just be strong

hilary @hilary

That's good news!

Suzie @Ratgirl

From my experience should not be too much of an issue long term for you. We will all be holding your hand in our thoughts.

Sue @Sued

So sorry to hear that. Try to keep positive. Thinking of you. x

Patrick @pabu

hope you be ok don mate but the dam disease itself is a living nighmare . regards pat .

Caitlin @caitlin

Fuck :( hope It went well xx

Angie @angie191

Hope your doing well. I love the sun and use it as one of my tools to clear up my psoriasis too...😳

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Don @don
Liverpool, United Kingdom

not much to say . just ask if you want to know xx

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