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Hi everyone. So nice to find this community:) I have psoriasis on my hole scalp since I was about 8 years old Have good and bad days. But just wanted to know does any get a lot of joint pain as well. Thanx


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Robyn! It's great you came upon us 😊 Plenty of people here do get joint pain. I do sometimes but I put it down to oncoming age and clunkiness and exercise and not yet down to psoriatic arthritis (I may also be in denial 😉) I have had p since age 13 and it kind of morphs and develops over the years.

Michelle @michelle1021

Welcome Robyn. Yip I'm one of them with joint pain in both my thumbs and now my right index finger (I ASSUME I have psoriatic arthritis), so imagine me in the kitchen trying to show off that a woman can do anything and one of them is to open a stuck jar lit. Embarrassing.

Jenny @je2

Hi Robyn. Yes I had fairly mild Psoriasis back of neck, down sides, which itched when hot, etc, but arthritis started only a year and a half ago. On medication for it due to pain.

Bev @bev43

Hi Robyn, Some of my fingers have pain and struggle to open jars. I also am starting to get pain in my shoulders but not on meds yet.

Robyn @robyn4

Thank you all for the messages really mean a lot. I have had joint pain for about 5 years already I get a lot of pain in my hands and my sterum and shoulders I have a 2 year old daughter and I struggle to pick her up sometimes with the fear of dropping her. I have been on pain meds before but my tummy couldntt cop with them so I did a big diet change and lost a lot of weight which seemed to help for awhile but lately I'm struggling is there any meds someone can recommend thank you

Jenny @je2

Hi Robyn. If we mention names of meds it won't print. Under a Rheumatologist now.
On treatment they apparently give for cancer, plus antiinflammatory, cortisone (been halved), cut out salaza....... Folic acid, calciferol, omega 3, turmeric. Like a walking chemist, but helped with pain which had caused carpel tunnel as well.
See a chiro six weekly who also does acupuncture. Besides this lots of daily exercise. I feel for you. Pain was awful.

Tracey @trace1963

I am on Salaza calciferol Celebrex and biologics. I was told by the Dr my vit d are sky high?..

Jenny @je2

Biologics are apparently very expensive. Are u in South Africa? Seems we take mostly the same. Also [...]. [...] is Vit D I think.

Gill @gill5

I have suddenly started to get joint pain even though I’ve had flare ups that cover my scalp for years. I lose a lot of hair with the flare up and the the condition of my hair changes from day to day sometimes it’s full of static others just straight and lifeless there doesn’t appear to be a pattern .

Lisa @lisa6488

I have a lot of joint pain and stiffness along with fatigue. It's miserable. Hoping the weather getting warmer will help alleviate some of it. I take NSAID's for the joint pain. My skin is in a major flare right now. Inverse, guttate and plaque.

Conrad @conrad

I have found that anything with yeast in makes the joint flare ups worse.
Also I use meds for gout and that seem to help.

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