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So it's spreading. Now have it on my bottom. And about 60 percent of my torso is covered. It's dragging me down.


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Sorry to hear that Jessie. Some days can be harder than others. Try to hold on to the feeling that things can get better. Whatever route you decide to take, getting on a good treatment plan is essential. Whether it be medical, holistic, or both. Coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil is always soothing for me when needed. Do you have a good moisturizer?

Peg @peg1414

Sorry to hear that Jessie. Look through all the previous posts on this site. So many ideas. One just might work for you. Just have to try everything.

Jessie @jessie1

Thanks ladies. I'm resisting the urge to scratch my bum in public 🤤

Ellen @ellen4

HI Jessie... I have P on my scalp & in my nails .The only place on my body that I have P is on my bum .. It is soooo dry & flaky & itches like hell even after all the creams applied. I think most of the creams rub off on my undies. I know that urge not to scratch in public .. I must really look bad ..scratching my bum & head at the same time . :-) hahahaaaaa

Jessie @jessie1

Hi Ellen. Nice to hear from you. It's worse when it weeps and my knickers get stuck when I move them. Obviously is rather not have it atall but it's causing much discomfort. I have it on my boobs and down stairs so i am sure to not scratch in public haha I'd need someone to lend a hand !

Sarah @sarahuk

Hmmm the spread is so unsettling. And I've said it before on Flaym, bum psoriasis is just so uncomfortable! I have inverse psoriasis in my bum crack and I know how sore it is when it cracks open... Do you have guttate p on your torso or another type? I had guttate all over my torso and other place this time last year. But there is hope, I have no guttate p now! It just took a while to figure out how to manage it and get it clear.

Ellen @ellen4

Hi Jessie .. I am lucky the one on my bum is just a dry sore that itches ..when I scratch it does bleed a bit then I just lather it in cream ... I have inverse P under my boob & in my groin & sometimes my crack.. I just treat those with cortisone creams until they disappear..

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