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My psoriasis is very bad in scalp and behind ears. I can’t stop scratching head all the time


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Antonia @antonia3

Doing exactly the same thing today!

Connie @connie2097

Me too!! I need HELP!!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Amandeep. Scalp and ears are terrible areas for lots of us here at Flaym. I am one of them! Those two areas are my worst. Scalp is the most uncomfortable and persistent for me, but I did have problems with my ears from over 20 years too. Check out the themes section for posts for posts about scalp and ears, Amandeep, Antonia and Connie! For me steroid gel short term has really helped clear my ears whilst I got my diet sorted out, and for the scalp likewise with using oil soaks for relief and topical creams when flares were really bad and plaques were very thick. Hope this helps!

Connie @connie2097

I tried using olive oil on my scalp several days in a row. put it in a spray bottle, kept parting my hair and spraying my scalp, then left it on all day if I was home, or all night. Then I washed my hair with Tgel shampoo. I am totally amazed at how much it has helped. Most of the thick scales are gone and my scalp is barely sore at all. There have been times when I could hardly brush my hair because my scalp was so painful. I don't remember which post I read about the oil soaks....but thank you thank you. I love this blog. I have felt so alone in this struggle with my P.

Sarah @sarahuk

It may have been mine, I absolutely swear by oil soaks! They are so ace. So good for flaking, cracking, soreness and itching. So so so glad it is helping you! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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Amandeep @ama
Perth WA, Australia

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