...feeling hopeful Gill @gill4

Healthcare system

Hey guys got good news today had phone call from dermology at ninewells to go Tues coming for light treatment. It help great last time


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Dakeyras @dakeyras

Good for you lass and good luck/wish you well! :)

Mishlyn @mishlyn

That is great news Gill! I hope it works just as well for you this time around. 😊 Keep us posted!

Gill @gill4

Will do guys. The site has help me lots learn I'm not alone I knew I wasn't be feel like it sometimes so thank you everyone

Mishlyn @mishlyn

That is the best feeling Gill, not feeling alone with this anymore. I am also so grateful having you all to share, grow and learn with ❤

Sarah @sarahuk

Fantastic Gill! Some progress! Woohoo!

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Gill @gill4
Dundee, UK

I'm a disable female who lost half a leg and two toes to p and diabetic two years ago

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