...feeling frustrated Ellen @ellen6


Hi sorry haven't been on here for a while my husband suffered a tia a mini stroke and had recovered but has an episode every now and then.. I have been diagnosed with psoratic arthritis plus my employment contract has come to a end.. 3 things eh..


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Christine @christine54

So sorry your having a rough time. Try to keep your moral up. Sending soft hugs to both of you even though i dont know you. I do feel for you both.

Ellen @ellen6

Thanks Christine big hugs to you too

Rita @rita

Sometimes life sucks. Stay strong and take one day at a time. Hope it gets easier soon.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Sorry to hear that Ellen. I hope everything will get better soon. ❤

Sarah @sarahuk

They say things come in 3s... 😴 Maybe a new chapter for you. I do believe that life comes in chapters, I know mine does. Sending good vibes to you 💜

Susan @godcares

Ellen sorry you are going through so much. I had psoriatic arthritis too but am healed and I can help you if you message me. Just give yourself some time to process it all. Takes time and just be good to yourself. Blessings to you.

Kim @chooks

Hi Susan, how did you manage to heal your p arthritis? What joints were affected? My fingers,wrists, and knees are the worst!!!

Susan @godcares

Hi Kim. It was really bad in my 20's. I had knobs on my fingers, could hardly walk, horrible in my neck and back too. I was also diagnosed around that time with lupus too. I was on more pain medications than I can tell you. I started with an elimination diet that I have sent to 100's of people but I did do other things. Immediately after starting the diet I was off meds of any kind. Steroid creams continued though for my skin. Today at 56 years old I am without any autoimmune dis-ease at all and no medications. It's a much better life but it took time and determination and I wanted it badly. Message me and I can send you the diet if you like. Blessings always.

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Ellen @ellen6
Pontygwaith, United Kingdom

I tried and tested many medicated creams done light therapy and think i am showing signs of PSA. I am happy to share what works for me but no cure as yet.

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