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Hi everyone, im a newby on here!. My P has been gradually getting worse and worse and my hospital appointment is not for a few months. Has anybody else been waiting ages to see the specialist. 😣


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Alan, Welcome to Flaym! I have not seen a dermatologist in over 10 years, but I do remember having to wait a few months as well in the past. I am sorry you have to wait so long. Check out the natural approaches topic in the themes section for things that may be helpful for you to try at home while you're waiting. Hope you can find some relief soon!

Sarah @sarahuk

Glad you found us, Alan. Yes me I was waiting 7 months on a list for light treatment after refusing immunosurpressants... in the time I was waiting I joined Flaym and got loads of inspiration and now my p is the best is has been in 21 years! This waiting list time could be time for you to try things and see what could work for you. Welcome!

Ruben @ruben

Hey Alan, welcome to Flaym.
Browse the questions and answers, you'll find that there might be some things to do before you see the specialist. If it's months you might even be able to control a lot without heavy medication...

Alan @alan80

Thanks for your advice, i will take alook

Jen @jen1984

Hi Alan. Start with anti inflammatory food and drink. Plenty of fresh air and sunshine if you can get it. If not take vitamin D supplements. I really hope you will see much improvement before your appointment is due.

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Alan @alan80
York, UK

Had P for 20 years now, its time to meet and talk to people who really understand. Im in UK near York

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