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Just had my first psoriasis on hands. I can honestly say the pain was unbearable. After 2 weeks my hands have begun to shred and hopefully its on the mend. Is there anything I can do to prevent another flare up 😊


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hopefully if you're getting the shredding, that means the flare is on the way out. I get shredding when a flare has gone past its worst and is on the way to clearing again. Some people get good results wrapping their hands or putting on ointment and wearing cotton gloves overnight to create a "hand soak". In the themes section you'll find a whole theme about psoriasis on the hands - have a browse for tips from others! Welcome to Flaym

Carol @caz59

Have been using tons of cream and wearing gloves at night Sarah. Will browse the theme section. Thank you

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I am sorry to hear that Carol. This winter I discovered Moringa oil. It has been amazing on my hands and feet, keeping them well hydrated. I hope your hands get better soon! Welcome to Flaym!

Carol @caz59

Thanks Michelle not heard of Moringa oil, will google it x

Mishlyn @mishlyn

It really goes a long way Carol especially when you mix it with coconut oil & Beeswax to make a salve, although I just put it on my hands and feet on ita own when needed :)

Mary Kay
Mary Kay @marykayt

My first response was on my hands and elbows. Hands have improved markedly, but elbows are still like sandpaper. I can so relate to the newness of it all.

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