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I suffer with ichty ears head eyes an some where else do you think these are all connected


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Lisa, I have experienced itchy ears deep inside and itchy eyes, I am unsure if they are connected to p or not. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they were. Do you feel the ear itch down the ear canal?

Susan @godcares

Probably Lisa. My psoriasis led to psoriatic arthritis, lupus, sjogrens which has a ton to do with eyes... Basically I say, and this is me, autoimmune is autoimmune. Period. Not a disease, but a dis-ease in the body. Something is going to show up somewhere if we don't feed our bodies/minds and souls in a healthy way.

Lisa @lisa41

Hi Michelle yes very deep down even tho it hurts still have to itch it an my head can't help it x

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I find that my ears get itchy down deep were I can't reach. The itch can be so bothersome and nearly impossible to stop. Apple cider vinegar has helped me a whole lot with my scalp and skin. I will always use it now when needed. Have you ever tried it Lisa?

Sarah @sarahuk

Could well be! Psoriasis can be just about any old where. And I get the itch / burn in places where I don't have plaques or guttate spots...I know itchy eyes is a thing many people living with p also get. Like dry eyes. I get itchy head and ears!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

yes, you dont want eye problems thats for sure, psoriasis leads to other things believe me, when my arthritis first started,my eyes were so dry nothing could touch them,eyes drops etc forget it , it was bad , it was like they were dry from inside out, very uncomfortable, sorry about this lisa,my eyes are a lot better these days, i wish you well lisa

Just Labs
Just Labs @welcometomyworld

I too have dry eye but thought it was part of my 'age' and having glaucoma. I use eye gel drops, but it is a temporary fix. Sometimes my eyes burn so bad the tears just roll down my face like I am crying. They burn this way for about 20-30 minutes :(

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