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Has anyone taken the York test or another type of intolerance test? Were you satisfied or was it a waste of £300? Did it improve your skin or joints?


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Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Kim, I hope you are well. What is the York test? Would definitely want to know if it was helpful at that price, my goodness! I hope you are well!

Victor @victor

Kim its a bogus test that is a complete waste of money! It supposedly looks for raised IgG antibodies being produced for food groups in the blood. It gives FALSE positive results to foods that you do not really have an allergy to and thus could end up with you developing a poor diet by eliminating foods that you actually should be eating. Good article about this in the Guardian newspaper! Don't waste your money £300 - buy yourself a short holiday it will do you more good!

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Kim! I've looked in to this myself and then didn't go for it after researching it. I did sign up and then got a refund when I backed out... the issue that swung it for me is that the IgG results wouldn't necessarily show up for intolerances, but would for actual allergies. I don't have any allergies, so it may show nothing at all for me! I also didn't end up trusting the ways they do the testing. I couldn't get any information about the science of it so I got my refund... although I still am so curious what it would have said!

Kim @Foody

Hi Michelle. I hope you are well also.
York test is a food intolerance test that you do at home and send off. judging by the comments. I won't be doing it.

Kim @Foody

Hi Victor. Thank you. That has explained it clearly for me.

Kim @Foody

Hi Sarah. I'm glad to see they gave you a no quibble refund. There is always the nagging doubt of what the tests would produce. I'm going to give it a miss. Thanks for your comments.

Michelle @mishlyn

Thanks for explaining it Kim! 😃 I suppose the cheapest way to do this would be an elimination diet and listening to our bodies. I hope you are well Kim!

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Taking the holiday kim sounds good, i go all inclusive but, i know how bad that would be for me, may cost around 400 to 4,50 though in out of peak season , i am going to have more holidays abroad now, best to do these things before i die and can afford it before i sit in a chair picking at me corns complaining about me back etc :)

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Kim @Foody
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