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The psoriasis is almost gone around my eyes, yay! But now it is back in my face and on my neck. It seems like it just won’t leave me alone😪


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K @k33

I have it around my eyes also. I use aquaphor. Helps me. I apply at night and in the morning. Minor minor itching, if any. Calms the redness too.

Nola @nola1

Try Rooibos tissue oil if you can get it

Steve @cartermac13

That the jest of this disease Line, you think you have it beat then bam it hits you somewhere else. Seems like a never ending cycle :(

Michelle @mishlyn

Sorry to hear that Line :( Do you take any supplements? A naturopath told me the best things we can take for our skin is a good probiotic and omega 3 with high epa. Since I started taking them 5 months ago, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It feels and looks stronger and healthier. It was only 6 months ago that I had scratched myself...not very hard and had blood rush to the surface. I hope it can get better for you soon!

K @k33

Great information thank you. I will give your suggestions a try.😍

Sarah @sarahuk

I've often felt that when my psoriasis clears in one place it appears in another to compensate... it's weird! I've been bringing my levels of inflammation down in general this past year with trying to analyse my triggers, which i have found to be illness, stress, hormones and diet. So trying to manage those things has made my flares less severe and much less frequent! Hope this helps.

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Line @line1
Copenhagen, Denmark

Creative and positive but insecure because of having lived a life with bothering psoriasis.

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