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Hi, has anybody in the uk had private treatment for psoriasis. If so who and where was it with, im wondering about the cost. Thankyou


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Alan, only private treatment i do is at home with diet?lifestyle changes, i wish you well, sorry you are insecure

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Alan, I have had private consultations for psoriasis in UK through BMI hospitals. The initial consultation cost £100 but this is a price I was quoted through my health insurer so I don't know if it is more (and if so, how much more!) without insurance. The consultation was quick to obtain and useful for diagnosis and prescription of drugs, but actually for any longer term advice or non drug options it was no better at all than the standard NHS support that is available for free. For things like phototherapy, I didn't have a private hospital with it's own treatment suite so was referred back to NHS treatment and a 7 month waiting list. Hope this helps give you an idea about options!

Alan @alan80
York, UK

Had P for 20 years now, its time to meet and talk to people who really understand. Im in UK near York

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