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Hi I have had sphrioses for over 8 a can not seem to get it under control, I'm open to any advice


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Tricia @tricia123

You have to go on the injection s

Tricia @tricia123

There is a few you have to see your dermatologist not allowed to name medical stuff on this I was also on a drug for 20 years

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Peter, welcome to Flaym! It's weird how psoriasis can be sometimes under control and yet sometimes so out of control...Yes injections (biologics) are one option of a way to get your psoriasis under control...but there are lots of other ways too...Check out the themes section for lots of subjects discussed at Flaym for new options and inspiration!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Peter, you can try diet/lifestyle? its a choice though, eliminating certain foods that can aggravate the condition ,it can take some time to see results though some see results fairly quickly, it is possible, there can be side effects with biologics though some have had good success, it is a gamble if you go down that route , it is a choice though i know ,i wish you well thanks

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Peter @peter5300
Randburg, South Africa

I am in my 30's and have had P for over 10 years, i travel a lot and try find new things in my travels, i have more than one type of P, i don't let my P rule my life but it can be a bit tricky to keep the P beast calm.

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