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Do any of you use Sun beds? If so what results have you had with it. I know hospital only used UBV but wondered if the other kind helps?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Jackie, last time i had ubv treatment was in 1985, i havnt done it since, from peoples experiences here,you have to do it often and when you stop doing it, it will come back as i have seen here a lot of times with flaym people , theres the risk aswell with skin cancer thanks :)

Susan @godcares

Jackie I did try sunbeds many moons ago. Didn't help me. Although the UVB light that I still own and never use, did help. Same with the ones in the hospital I think UVA bulbs that I only ever got up to 40 seconds, if I remember correctly. They would burn really quickly.

Andrew @andrewp83

I did use them it settled it a little bit not much tho

Jackie @jackie6662

Thanks for comments. I get the feeling it may be a waste of time and yes of course there is the skin cancer risk. Natural sunlight is a great help to me. Sun is few and far between during summer in this neck of the woods though!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Me to Jackie,cant beat sunlight,we dont get much in the uk so as soon as the skin gets better , its winter again,i need to win lottery and problem would be solved and for many of us :)

Jackie @jackie6662

I know a doctor once said I need to be taking lots of sunshine holidays...bit difficult on the minimum wage! I must have looked like a rich person that day lol

john,Hulk @chewbacca

yes, i hope to have more holidays in the sun from now on, maybe 4 a year all inclusive, i can see now where i will go wrong?all inclusive, drinking and plenty of foods, i be livin the dreeeeaaam :) i book holidays off season idf i go, not summer holidays or just before xmas,when prices will go right up, i can go for around £450 all in in the sun offpeak :)

Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't tried sun beds but have thought about it extensively. I decided not to because I have lots of brown spots on my body like freckles. I have had them since being a very small child. I do go out in the sun but do wear sun cream a lot and especially when abroad (I'm a UK dweller). So I think a sun bed would be even more risky for me. I am hoping to go on a sun holiday this year and I think it would help set me up for next winter but I don't know if it will be possible with the cost of it! They want to charge full price for my children who are ages 2 and 3, it is ridiculous! Haha rant! 😮😮😮

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Jackie. Never used sun beds before but I have heard it does work for P but not to use it too often. I have the African sun to treat my P fortunately.

Mary @maryk74

I have found they help mine alot

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