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I have been to the doctors loads of times, and the I have dry head and face. I have tried all creams, but nothing seems to work. My concern also is that my head and face wont sweat anymore


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Jen @jen1984

Time to find another Gp. The inability to sweat could be caused be psoriasis but also several other conditions. I would want to get to the bottom of it.

Alexandros @alexandros

Barry my cousin who also has psoriasis and used a cream called “Propoli” its a Greek word and its the queen bees honey or something like that (she explained it to me in Greek). She only used a few drops daily and her psoriasis is completely gone. Then she used from the same beekeeper a wax cream again from the bees to get rid of the red patches. I am bying it tomorrow and will see how it goes. I couldnt beleive my eyes when her P totally dissapeaqred.

Jen @jen1984

Ah...propolis...really? I will get some tomorrow! It comes in a tincture put some drops in water and drink. and a topical balm as well. thank you so much for reminding me!

Alexandros @alexandros

Yes Jen they are drops and you can drink them also. And the topical balm is for the redness. Im going to buy it tomorrow because I was told of a beekeeper (I live on a Greek island) who only feede his bees their honey and not sugar like many do. Its pure organic. Good luck.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Barry! Me too I've tried lots of creams in my life. Now I don't use any medicated ones as my skin is calmer than it used to be and I'd rather not use them longer term really. I don't know about the sweating! I know that skin that has been repeatedly treated with steroid creams can feel different to the touch and may not sweat as easily... never tested the theory though as I don't have any large areas that I have had long term steroid use on, it is all on the small awkward areas like ears etc. The propolis sounds very promising! Thank you for suggesting!

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