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Hi I’m new to the group had psoriasis for 22years and can say uvb treatment is starting to work again I’m not too sure if anyone has bought a lamp and is it as effective doing it at home


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Ruben @ruben

Hey Janena, welcome to Flaym.
Nope, had some light treatment years ago.
Now I go with diet and supplements...

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Janena! That's great something is giving you some good results. I have considered the home lamps in the recent past but decided against it. My derm said he couldn't recommend it as it is unregulated and not monitored like it would be in a hospital setting, so I decided to err on the side of caution. But I know people do report results from light therapy of lots of types!

Christine @chrissie12

Hi Janena. I have bad scalp psoriasis and my dermatologist advised me to buy a dermalamp. This has changed my life!! Remember, nothing can heal psoriasis but I use it every time I get a flare-up and using it twice (once a day) for 3 minutes on the affected area, clears it up wonderfully. I totally recommend it.

Sarah @sarahuk

Wow never heard of a dermalamp. And it helps with scalp p? I always thought light therapy was really tricky with scalp p because of the hair blocking it... really good to know! Thanks for sharing!

Christine @chrissie12

The dermalamp has a specifically designed "comb" that when you use it, the comb parts the hair to get the light onto the scalp.

Sarah @sarahuk

Wow! Never heard of it and it sounds ace!

Arleene @arleene

So where can you get a dermalamp??

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