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O.K. I did it. I picked a large plaque, then it weeped, down the back of my scalp, yuck..
what do you put on weepy bits????/


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Susan @godcares

Hi Madmum. I would let it weep, dry as you go, put on aloe vera gel.

Michelle @mishlyn

I agree with Susan Madmum, let it dry and then put something soothing, aloe is so healing and soothing. I hope it clears for you soon!

Sarah @sarahuk

Yeowwwch Madmum! I used to do this too. My poor skin. And your poor skin! But the temptation is so massive when there are bits beginning to peel and thicken... I understand that. For the weeping, I just used to let it dry and then try not to pick it again whilst it healed up. But when dry it used to leave kind of grainy stuff behind so I used to wipe that off.

carol @carol1943

I have used several treatments on my scalp over the yrs. All eventually stopped helping. Then my derm prescribed [...] and that worked well especially for itch control. Something happened with insurance and it started costing 100 dollars a bottle so I checked the ingred and make it my self. Peanut oil is important because your skin does not develop resistance to it. I mix enough for about a month and put it on nightly with a plastic cap. You look like hell in the morning but it washes out with any decent shampoo. so it is about a fourth of a cup of peanut oil and same of mineral oil and [...] ointment (about a tbsp) and mix it up and apply lightly. The ointment is the rx I use on my skin. No cure but some control. Best of all no itch and lots less flakes.

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