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I've suffered from psoriasis since 1979, usually scalp only however recently have started having red blotchy flare ups on my lower leg ankles


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Ruben @ruben

Hey Ken, I have added vitamine B and Omega 3 to my diet. It took a while, but my scalp is free of P now for over a year...

Ken @kennyo

Hi Ruben I was prescribed capasal shampoo and [...] gel, they have kept my head clear for years until this recent flare up on my lower legs and ankles

agb @agb

Hi Ken,
Try rubbing vaseline or almond oil on your legs at night and elevate them for an hour. It helps me. :o)

Ruben @ruben

For me it started on my back, went to legs then scalp and finally nails. Now my scalp is clear. Legs are loads better and nails are improving... We all have to check what works for us individual, that's wat makes this so difficult. Lucky loads of people share experiences here :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Ken! Flare ups seems to come and go for most of us...hopefully yours will go as quickly as it has come! Glad you found us here.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Welcome to Flaym Ken, lots of useful ideas here to try and relieve it,i have done so many things over the year or more i been here,diet/lifestyle changes, steroid withdrawl,using different creams,natural approach, i still continue to find whats best :)

Ken @kennyo

when I read everyone else's experiences with psoriasis it makes me understand how bloody lucky I am. I would have a major problem with my scalp if I didn't use medication but as I do it doesn't flare up, occasionally I do get a flare up on my lower legs but a bit of cream and it's gone in a day or two.

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Ken @kennyo
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