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Has anyone tried child's farm hair and body wash? My husband read in the daily mirror it's a miracle cure and he believes it. I personally don't believe anything in the papers so was wondering if any of you lovely people have tried it


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Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Claire, I have not tried it, but some here have and are finding it is working great! 😊 If you type childs farm in the search field, it will bring up all of the times it has been mentioned.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Claire yes I've seen lots of coverage of this on social media, it is the thing to talk about right now in the psoriasis world! I think for some it is reported as making a massive difference, for some no difference, and some creating aggravation... so a real mixed bunch. But it is cheap and (in theory) easily available over the counter, so many are giving it a go! I haven't but I was given a sample size bottle that I may try at some point... but I am also currently testing skin reactions to foods so I don't want to complicate my results by adding new moisturisers into the mix. Otherwise I'd slap it on and see what happened!

Sumonds (SUE)
Sumonds (SUE) @sumonds

I managed to find some child's farm cream in boots this week..... I don't think it's a miracle cure and have only used on my arms and hands and after three days it does look better less red and fading....... Will keep using it and compare to legs as just using zerodouble on them.... Will keep you posted and a bonus it smells nice 😊

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

My cream is in the post,thank you ebay :) should get it by next week sometime,it will be my replacement from coconut oil which can irritate it on my body, i will let all know how it is, i do diet lifestyle changes aswell :)

Catherine @bumblebee68

I didn't buy the wash . But managed to get some moisturiser for sentities skin ..not a miracle cure but a good base and is OK better than the gluepy stuff from doctor.
Also got bubble bath !!! Which is have not used in yrs ... it's also ok non drying and doesn't sting ... hope this helps 😊

Claire @clairec375

Thank you everyone. I'm going to try it in the shower later. I will update you in a few days

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Claire @clairec375
Livingston, United Kingdom

I love my 2 kids, wine F1 and hubby in that order 😁😁😁

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