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What is your most ambarrassing moment or most funniest with psoriasis?


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Sarah @sarahuk

Ummmm I must have some but I can't recall! I mean it is fairly embarrassing when people touch anywhere on my body and you see them registering that it feels like sandpaper and do the slight jump backwards - I feel bad for them feeling bad! My funniest psoriasis moments are always related to my children who call it my "speckles" and they say things about my diet or my creams or my general psoriaticness. It is funny seeing the condition through their eyes 😊

Damien @damien1

Hey Millionways.

I had a funny moment at a family party my brother-in-law saw red spots on my legs and he gently kicked my leg and asked me if I was diabetic. I told him it's psoriasis and now he will get it because he touched me lol! He had a shocked look on his face it was hilarious. I told him don't worry it's not contagious but just in case, you better Google it. I will see him today at our family get together and will ask him hey what are those red spots on your face? Love the bro he's cool. At least he just came right up to me and addressed it but others stare and some people keep their distance. More fresh air for me to breathe.

Millionways @millionways

Sarah, childeren are very open. I love that. They just ask: whats on your skin? Does it hurt?
And your own kids can be funny. We can also learn a lot of them!

Millionways @millionways

Damien, I will keep that in mind! Saying its contagious. If you bring the google part seriously they will learn much about your disease by googlin it. 😉

Millionways @millionways
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