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I live in a tropical country and my flares are not so bad but ATM I am out to a cold country and my skin is not doing good. I won't be long here. Anyone living in a cold country? What do you recommend? My flares are terrible!!


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello psoriasis victim, , yes the uk, i recommend going back to the tropical country,i hate england for the crap weather ,sorry you are frustrated, i know the feeling

Ruben @ruben

Hello psoriasisvictim, I take supplements, but those don't work immediately. Vitamine D and tumeric are the best for me.

Susan @godcares

psoriasisvictim I don't think climate is a big deal, but that's me. I live in BC Canada and we have all 4 seasons. I have no issues now but I did start my healing by working from the inside (gut). I think all autoimmune dis-eases start that way and need to be dealt with that way. That's me though. We are all different.

Sarah @sarahuk

So sorry your flares are terrible... I only know the UK climate. I'd like to get more natural light and sunshine than I do, but spring is on its way! I just use a thicker moisturiser, avoid wool, keep the heating cool to avoid too much dry heat from radiators... and resist the temptation to make showers / baths hotter when the weather is colder.

psoriasisvictim @psoriasisvictim

It all started on my scalp at the age of 12... never knowing what it was I treated it as dandruff and just about 3 years that it spread to my body. It began with tiny red patches that later on grew and became scaly. Diagnosis is Psoriasis.

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