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It is getting colder here in SA and I was wondering if you guys in the cold countries can give some advice on how to treat Psoriasis in winter? I need to prepare! When it gets down to 18C I start itching. Imagine -2 (which doesn't always happen)


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Ruben @ruben

Hey Michelle, due to the lack of sun I started taking vitamine D (at the same time as the curcumin) worked for me :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Ruben. Thank you very much. I'm already taking both every day so I guess I'm sorted for my winter. lol. Our winters aren't very cold and to us 18C is freeeezing.

Ruben @ruben

Haha Michelle, 18C is almost t-shirt weather in Belgium :p
We have about 8C today.. This weekend will be warm with 18 to 20C

Rita @rita

18 degrees is naked sunbathing time! 😜

On the serious side, you should lubricate your skin more during the winter months.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

ohhh Michelle, I am dreaming of 18°C! Lol! -13 here this morning, next week has a day of 10° which is quite exciting..lol

What works best for me during winter is doubling up! Thermals for under your reg. clothes and even wearing 2 pairs of socks, rather than only one makes a big difference keeping your body temp warm. A warm knitted hat is also really nice. It may be too warm for a thick one, but even a light crocheted one may be nice. Keeping my body warm and protected helps me keep control of the dry, itchy, cracked skin. I also need to make sure I am constantly mousturized, coconut oil is great and keeps my skin hydrated through out the day. 😊

Sarah @sarahuk

I buy a thicker moisturiser, I don't wear wool as it itches my psoriasis, and I keep the heating no higher than 20C in the house, no air heaters. They dry my skin out massively. I limit the number of baths I take, although the temptation is more in the winter for me with the long dark hours! This helps me.

Sharonc @sharonc

Drink plenty of water, keep your body hydrated. 18C would be a dream come true for those of us living in Winnipeg MB Canada

Catherine @bumblebee68

It was also 8 degrees here today . We even had sun ....people were out in t- shirts ...😊so nice to have some sun for a change

Michelle @michelle1021

I think I might die of cold when moving to the colder countries. I've decided to stay in South Africa. lol. Thanx everyone. My P will look awesome by the time our winter is over. We always see on tv how awesomely beautiful you guys look in other countries when its winter. We don't really wear winter clothes like you do and I wish actually we can! I love winter and I wish it could snow. Well, I should be a bit more positive as it was snowing in the Sahara the other day right?

Ekta @Psoitchy

Hey Michelle! great tips here from everyone. This was the first canadian winter I survived without going crazy. One major change in diet that worked for me was having a lot of dense soups/stews and properly cooked food with enough good fat content as opposed to raw meats and veggies, etc. Even though it sounds heavier, it helps your body keep warm and moisturized from within and regulates your metabolism according to the weather. Good luck!

Michelle @michelle1021

Thanx Ekta. That's my plan for this coming winter. Maybe we are lucky and it will get as low as -2!

deborah @deborah4

Unlike many, my psoriasis gets worse with increasing temperatures. It starts at about 18C LOL. My derm says I'm unusual, but as the summer comes on here I dread it. Most likely because I have to keep covered (for my job) and I'm so hot and sweaty it makes everything so much worse. If I scratch, I peel off many layers of skin in a second and I bleed. Luckily I'm in Canada I guess, but not so lucky that it's 19C and going up now for a few months. As for winter, I don't have a lot of advice as I seem to do much better. Hope you continue to feel happy Michelle.

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