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I just turned 49 last month. I was dx with psorasis & psoriatic arthritis in December of 2015 after being misdiagnosed with RA in 2007. I failed lots of medicines. I am now on a new medicine since March of 2017.


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Sue @sue2027

Hope your new med helps! Hugs!

Bethany @bethany1

Thank you @sue2027. It has helped all but behind my ears, scalp behind my ears, under left breast, privates & buttocks. Everything else is clear so far. I have psoriatic arthritis as well. I have so many affected joints that are deformed. But I'm striving.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Bethany, Welcome to Flaym! Its great to hear your new meds have helped, other than tbe remaining places. Keep striving! You will find a lot of great info here ๐Ÿ˜Š Have you ever tried turmeric? A lot of people here have had really great relief from arthritis taking it.

Ruben @ruben

Hey Bethany, welcome to Flaym!
As Michelle states, a lot of us are loving tumeric.
I started taking it a few months ago and still see improvement. Some spots are gone and the others are still improving. Maybe I'll be clear when combined with a little sunlight :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Bethany, very welcome to Flaym. I support the turmeric as well Bethany, it really works wonders for my skin. I have P on my ankles but since I've started drinking the turmeric, my P got better and it is skin color. One has to look very closely to see that I have P. That's right Ruben. Go get some sun! But if I can give you guys some advice, start with the morning sun between 11-12-1 pm as often as you can. In SA, if I sit in the sun from 1-3pm, I get sunburned and as you know, it is not good for P. I wish you luck with the new medicine Bethany!

Ruben @ruben

Hey Michelle,
in Belgium the sun is mostly not that strong to sunburn someone :p
But never the less, still need to use sunblock...

Jen @jen1984

Down here we take advantage of the sun from 6am until 10 am only. Any later is dangerous. I love it every day. It really energises me and helps dry out any itchy p.

Michelle @michelle1021

@Ruben @ Jen, that's great to hear. Doesn't the sunblock trigger your P @ Ruben? I can't use sunblock. I have a natural colour but I think its mostly because of the coal tar I'm using which is bleaching my skin ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. I mix it with my normal baby cream. I love the sun too Jen and it dries my P out totally.

Ruben @ruben

Hey Michelle, I have a good sunblock, never triggered my P. High factor and moisturizer too...

Michelle @michelle1021

Ruben, then it's good. Enjoy the sun when it comes out!

Ruben @ruben

Thank yo Michelle! I'll do my best :)
Hope the temperature in SA stays above 20C ;)

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Bethany, welcome to Flaym! Misdiagnosis really doesn't help things along...sorry to hear about that. Good that you have a new medicine option on the go!

agb @agb

So sorry. I hope you get an answer soon.

Clint @NJClint

Please try lemon ๐Ÿ‹ rubbed on the areas

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