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Hi all, I’m new here. I have psoriasis only on my scalp and my eyebrows. Generally flares up with unhealthy diet and stress (but very reactive to stress). Varies from large flakes and scabs to very fine dandruff. Anyone else experience similar? Thx


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Michael @michael2620

Ya stress causes mine to go wild

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Jasmine, Welcome to Flaym! I am very similar. I have to avoid my trigger foods or else a flare up is inevitable. Stress/worry are my hardestest ones to control..especially when loved ones are involved. I am currently taking a mindfullness course to see if I can find some good techniques to help me cope with immediate stessors. My scalp has seen the same types of big flakes, scabs and dandruff like flakes too. Tgel ex strength shampoo is really helpful with flare ups when they arise. What do you use for shampoo?

Jasmin @jasmin1

Hi Michelle, thank you for your comment. In the past, the best shampoo I found was La Biostethique, Anti Pelliculaire Shampoo Apaisant, and it’s lotion alongside which you put on your scalp after washing. I bought it online after being recommended it from a salon following scalp analysis- the pictures of my scalp were heartbreaking. I try to use “normal” shampoo when I can and only use this for a week or so if it flares up really bad. Trying to embrace that it’s just part of me and if I have to go to work with flakes, there’s not much I can do about it! But easier said than done.

Ruben @ruben

Hey Jasmin, I used to have P in my scalp as well. Now it's gone. Been taking vitamine B and Omega 3. for the plaques on my legs and back vitamine D and curcumin are doing wonders. I found out that you'll need to try what works best for you. We all react a little different. Eg I can eat tomatoes without flaring, some people here can't even look closely at one... Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask questions or come here for some support!

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Jasmin, had P on my scalp as well many years ago but I only used the coal tar shampoo. I'm not sure my scalp fully recovered though. Guess its because of the diet change I had and shampoo. But now....I'm a turmeric and black hawaiin salt supporter. Good luck and remember we are all here to support you. :)

Jasmin @jasmin1

Thanks everyone. Any advice for how to manage it on my eyebrows?!

Sarah @sarahuk

I hear you psoriasister 😊 My eyebrow psoriasis responds very well to Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion... it is very soothing and light for the face (doesn't make you feel like you have two oily caterpillars perching atop your eyes for the whole day long)... For my scalp psoriasis, I get on really well using oil soaks which I put on a couple of hours before I wash my hair. I use grapeseed oil, but people use coconut, almond, olive...anything oily and natural! Hope this helps. Welcome to Flaym.

Dakeyras @dakeyras

For what it worth and may sound a wee bit daft...

Rub some olive oil on the problem areas, facial wise. Over the years tried it all and nothing really worked. These days even having a shave has too be thought out in advance as in how will my face respond!

Clint @NJClint

Try lemon 🍋 please

Julia Erica
Julia Erica @juliaerica

hello Clint! am I going to squeeze the lemon in water? or have it pure lemon and put it in the affected area?... please, very interested to try it.

Ruben @ruben

Hey Julia Erica, I do both :)

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