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My brother told me to rub coconut oil on my ears when they itch and fantastically it works for ages. The shampoo I use for the scalp treats that fine. I would not want to put the coconut oil on my scalp.


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Bonnie @bonita63

What type of shampoo are you using?

Nicola @Nicky

Alphosyl it is called

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Good to hear you have found something to keep both your skin and ears under control Nicola! I've used coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil on my scalp and its been really soothing and helpful :)

Allyson @allysonf

is it by prescription or over the counter in US or Canada

Nicola @Nicky

I get the coconut oil in solid form from Sainsburys

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Nicola @Nicky
E10 5RD London

I want to get rid of my ear psoriasis, as it makes a mess everywhere and I scratch my ears to bleeding point and my earring holes keep blocking up.

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