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Well its now 4 weeks since my last dose of biologic immunosuppressants due to hand surgery and so far no sign of the psoriasis coming back - the effect it would seem is long lasting.


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Sarah @sarahuk

That's great Victor, I always imagine it would come back quickly when treatment stops... it's great that it hasn't for you!

Bev @bev43

That's so great Victor I'm so happy for you. How is your hand doing after surgery?

Stephen @Popmyster

Victor great news
How's the hand ?

Michelle @mishlyn

That is fantastic Victor! So happy it has not come back with a vengeance for you! How much longer do you have to wait until you can start taking them again?

Linda @justicejones

Congratulations! That is so encouraging to me. What is a biologic immunosuppressant?

Victor @victor

Hand is recovering slowly folks should try another shot of the biologic in a week or so.

Victor @victor

Linda google biologics for psoriasis and then PM me

Susan @godcares

That's great Victor. I wonder... Do you have to wait till you have symptoms for the next dos of biologic or do you just automatically take it? Just curious. It would be great if it just stopped your psoriasis in it's tracks.

Victor @victor

Susan - What I have noticed is that some of my joints are starting to feel a bit arthritic again - will hold off another week and take the next shot at 6 weeks which will put me back on schedule. Still no scaly skin yet!

Susan @godcares

Oh dear Victor. I sure hope the arthritis doesn't come back. Might be time for more of the diet stuff. You could do both biologics and diet. I'm really happy that your skin is better though. That's a HUGE plus and, honestly, was quite fast results. One day at a time Victor.

David @david41166

Good news Victor ... what is monthly costs of a biologic.. what drug?

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Former sufferer of Psoriasis for over 25 years now clear thanks to biological treatment!

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