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o.k. So I have my plaque areas on scalp. But now got this sticky oily bit on the back of scalp.
After a shower it's sticky oil, but dries like a concrete chewing gum. can't shift it. Anyone else have this? What do you do with it!!!


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Yvonne @y1

I have a coal tar shampoo from the Dr.. its called Capasal ..

natalie @nataliemc

ive never had this. i no you have tried loads of shampoos bit theres one called nizoral its very good.

James @ferns

I can't be sure but the sticky oily bit could be sebum, the body's natural oil that keep the skin supple. It builds up under my plaques then gets released when the plaque falls off. I don't have any on my head right now but when I did, I just washed my hair twice.

Madmum007 @madmum007

Hi James ,That's exactly what it is, only my Plaques aren't falling yet, just getting bigger & bigger.. :(
I Tried nizoral doesn't work for me

James @ferns

Not sure what's available where you are, I'm in the UK. I get a coconut based cream from my GP, it's essentially a skin peeler. A night or two using that softens the plaques so they come off fairly easily when you wash and brush your hair. The doc also gave me a shampoo to use with it, although you can buy that over the counter, expensive though. ps, I'm not naming products cause I don't want to upset the site mods. Anyways, a little messy but I could clear my scalp in a week and not have to repeat for around four weeks.

Madmum007 @madmum007

Thanks James for the advice, I'm seeing the Doc. next week I'll chat to her about what you said, seeing that I'm also in the U.K. !!

Michelle @mishlyn

Good Luck at your drs. apt madmum. I have not experienced that either, sounds very painful. Tgel ex strength does the trick for me. I hope your dr can give you something helpful!

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey madmum, yes I've had this a lot in the past where it collects into a pool of clear stuff and then dries all crackly in my case. I just wash it off, and moisturise with Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion as it is light and good at sinking in to a damp scalp after washing without making my hair greasy.

James @ferns

It can sometimes stain clothes but a wee spot rub with pre-wash then bunging a capful in the drum takes care of that, at least with cotton t-shirts.

agb @agb

I had that happen to me last year. I ended up putting almond oil on my scalp all day and then gently combing out the flakes. Put more oil on my scalp and slept with a shower cap. In the morning washed my hair with TGel 2 times let it sit on my scalp for 2 minutes each time. It finally cleared. Now if I notice that my scalp is acting up I put almond oil mixed with tea tree oil and rub a couple of tablespoons on my scalp 1 a week. It helps to keep my scalp clear.

Michelle @mishlyn

I just discovered almond oil agb, it is great. I use it on my skin with tea tree oil and is very soothing :)

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