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I’m exactly one week into treatment with an immunosuppressant and I think I can see a slight improvement. Derm said I would see results quickly with this particular medication. He wasn’t kidding! Holding onto hope that things are improving! 😊


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natalie @nataliemc

im delighted for you nikki. x

Nikki @niksam

Thank you Natalie. Keeping everything crossed x

Sarah @sarahuk

Really hope that is the start of something great for you! You really need that break. All fingers and toes crossed...

Michelle @mishlyn

That is so so great to hear Nikki! Keep holding that hope tight!❤

Susan @godcares

Well Nikki hope is the best thing. I know any change is better than none. Certainly hope this is the solution for you.

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Nikki @niksam
Leicester, UK

Psoriasis since Oct 2017. Learning fast! Also have Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia and severe nerve damage in my leg. Mostly bed/house bound. My partner and my Son keep me going.

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