...feeling okay Catherine @bumblebee68


Good evening..😊 Does anyone else have nails that look like they've been stabbed all over with a pin. mine do there's ting pin pick marks on them πŸ˜•


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natalie @nataliemc

never seen this before but i do no that how your nails look are a good indication of your health.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

yes,its normally inflammation, i had bad nails for years,they looked rotten, i changed my diet over a year ago now and withing 4 to 5 months my nails went normal and still look good :) it was an indication of my psoriatic arthritis inflammation

Mishlyn @mishlyn

My nails used to be like that too Catherine. It has come and gone over the years.

Sarah @sarahuk

My little fingernail on my right hand is like that, has been for quite a few months now. I have had it on the other hand too at times, but it seems to show up and then disappear to a different nail... it's very odd.

agb @agb

@John- I did not realize it was a sign of inflammation of my psoriatic arthritis.

Susan @godcares

I do remember this Catherine. I also remember the nail bed having very little attachment and there was also pain on pressure with my nails. All I can say is that my diet is what helped this condition and is also what got me off medications. There really isn't anything that you can put "on" or "under" the nails so it really has to be dealt with from the inside with either diet, or biologics. That's what I think anyway.

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Catherine @bumblebee68
Manchester, UK

I've had psoriasis for about 15ys .it started on the palms of my hands . Since then it's spreading nicely over my body in patches ...I'm thinking about becoming a Dragon πŸ‰

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