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Last night I went to a social hangout that is a struggle for me. It was a dinner gathering at a pub and with the new anti inflammation diet I am trying out, I made sure I ate well before so I wouldn't be hungry. It makes things awkward regardless.


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Ruben @ruben

Hang in there Chantel, I'm sure it gets easier with time!

natalie @nataliemc

its not easy at all. but im sure it will be worth it. you got this. x

Chantel @chantel1

Cheers Natalie. Sometimes it feels like I'm being such a heel, and that opt out of social group dynamics is very counterintuitive.
We are wired to participate in ritual social customs to mirror we are worthy of being a part of the tribe. So not participating in the act of communal eating is like saying I'm a stray goose that needs to be ostracized. I get very acutely aware of that and it's crappy.

natalie @nataliemc

you should just say im goin to pass thanks because im trying a new treatment plan or some thing lyk that. if your friends and family are aware im sure they would understand better..

Ruben @ruben

Had those reactions when I quit alcohol. The first weeks are strange, but when time passes it's easier because most people already know. If it heals you, it's worth the effort. Good luck!

rachel @wynnegee

I hear you Chantel. I didn't socialise at all for the first month then when I did I explained to people in advance. On one occasion when I didn't know everyone too well and it was a buffet I actually pretended to eat and drink. Eating lots beforehand is the way to go. Good luck.

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes it is really hard, as people often don't understand or see the reasons why we do it. I find this too with my own family. Friends actually seem a little more sympathetic than family weirdly!

Emma @baker89

Good on ya hun keep at it #strength

Sheila @sheila300371

I don't like going out when my face is bad I do cream my face before I go out but it doesn't last . I feel people are looking at me .

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Chantel @chantel1

I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher. I am active in the community so chronic pain and psoriasis flare up makes for tough day to day

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