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is there anyone who doesn't treat there skin ar all? so tierd of all the lotions and poitions that don't help at all. and they cost so much money.


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Paul @paul116

Yes have given up on all of it see my post,Diet is key

Liam @liam2

do u use creams? is your skin clear

Paul @paul116

No I now use nothing other than some oils in a bath and moisturiser,No my skin is not clear I have just come to terms with this condition diet and lifestyle changes will help you, also look at CBD oils and pot as both have helped me no end,I know they say don't smoke but a friend recommended I tried it and it's help my head cope with it,I do not however smoke tobacco.

Ruben @ruben

Hey Liam, I don't treat my skin. When I have a flare up, I'll use some aloe vera gel to soothe. For the rest only diet and supplements. I searched and found more than affordable supplements that are still good quality.

lesleyjane1 @lesleyjane1

I no longer use any lotions, I am on a tablet taken twice a day and now my skin is completely clear.
This is after trying everything else and nothing ever working
It's called [....]

natalie @nataliemc

i would definitly recomend taking supplements. treat your skin from the indide out. try and de stress meditation is good also. i find the more i stress out about my skin the worse it gets. try and get some sun if you can.

Catherine @bumblebee68

Until recently I've relied on our lovely NHS . I don't think I could not do anything without scratching my skin off Liam ..I know it's a hard slog and really depressing at times ....hope you find some relief 😊

Lou @lou60

I'm not treating mine anymore except w chlorine at the pool. My elbows look goid but my legs have such scattered places nothing except a fairly new oral med does anything to them.

Julie @julie9711

I found when I skip a day or two, my PPP gets worse

Judy @judy55

Long, long time ago. It is all about anti inflammatory diet. You might think it is too hard but when you begin to get results it gives you the will to stay with it. I have been GF since 2008, and I just don't cheat cause it is NOT worth it. My body tells me what bothers it. Also soak in aquarium salt bath, not epsom, not pretty little scented salts. The real thing, get it from a aquarium supplier and use a lot and you will feel wonderful.

Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't used any medications in over 6 months now. And a while before that minimal creams. I had a 3 month period after a guttate psoriasis outbreak of not using anything at all on it, because it wasn't responding to anything at all, so I just left it to its own devices for a bit! I've often done that with my plaque too because, frankly, sometimes I seriously cannot be doing with all the moisturising and faffing. But at the moment I am in a very focused mode on sorting out my inflammation, so I'm moisturising very regularly, but none of it is medicated.

Karin @karinm

I don't use anything topical other than a bit of tar when the inverse p splits on occasion. I haven't been using steroids since a two week period in 1979. I focus on what I eat, and taking some vitamins. I'm not 100% clear, but almost. Recently I have started to feel it the day before it flares, I get highly strung and kind of 'distant', almost feeling sick. Latest triggers sugar overload (as in two slices of cake over a 4 day period...after at least 3 months with nothing) and chilli in restaurant food.

Annette @annette79

I only use “ psoriasin “ coal tar cream on the splotches And I bath in sea salt water. I found all those creams don’t work. But a trip to the ocean in humid warm climates clears it up within a week. So I use salt baths.
Pretty cheep. Sufferer for 30 years.

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Liam @liam2

I am 25 from canada. 10 years with this condition. Tryin to cope.

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