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So I started a new job, my scalp has exploded from stress and I feel like ripping my skin of most of the time. Started using cannabis oil and moringa powder, it seems to minimise the flaking but it makes my skin so sensitive I can't touch my scalp...


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Ruben @ruben

Hey Lanie, that's bad! For how long are you using the moringa?

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Laine, have you ever tried an oil soak on your scalp? I like almond oil best, it absorbs nice and is easy to wash out and so soothing. Helps lift the plaques naturally for easy removal. Mixing it with tea tree oil is even better. Do you use the cannabis oil topically or internally? Hope relief comes to you soon!

Sarah @sarahuk

Oh no! In all my time of flakey peely scabby scalp I've not used cannabis oil or moringa powder. The increase in stress is very possibly affecting your skin - stress affects mine massively too. That must be hard if you can't comfortably touch the scalp to treat it... got to try though. Is it your whole scalp, or localised patches? There may be different things that could help depending on how it is behaving...

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