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What does your psorisas stop you from doing if any thing. ? Do you think having psorisas has affected your mental health?


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Michelle @mishlyn

I think it has very much affected my mental health throughout the years. I have grown a lot and am in a much better place now then I was in my younger years. I spent a lot of my adolescence with depression and anxiety and turned to drugs and alcohol to help numb my feelings. Luckily, by the time I was 18 I was able to pull myself together. Counselling should be a part of the treatment plans for psoriasis. I think it could be very helpful. Especially for children and youth.

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes psoriasis has stopped me from doing things over the years. Wearing certain clothes, limiting my confidence in my body sometimes, making me feel ugly / diseased, making me anxious sometimes about what is wrong in my body, and a persistent and constant dragging feeling in the back of my mind of whether it will flare up or increase in coverage... These are the negative things I do feel. But I am lucky in the sense that I only feel this some of the time... I am able to have prolonged periods, even in my worst coverage where I don't dwell on these issues for too long, and they are there but I don't focus on them. I am much more interested in what I can do about it... being proactive makes me feel more of sense of control over it so this is my way of dealing with it.

Julie @julie9718

Has anyone had any success in treating scalp psoriasis m and what was used ,please ? X

Ruben @ruben

Swimming, but seborrhea and P keep me out of the pool (Psoriasis, not pee..)

Michelle @michelle1021

Yes definitely. It gave me a very low self esteem. Permitted me from wearing the clothes I love to wear and especially swimming but I have learned to accept my condition. Mentally, I'm great and don't give a damn what people say about my P. I am not the little pathetic 'feel sorry for myself' person anymore. I got up and stood tall and stood up for my condition.

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