...feeling sad Honey @honey


My treatment routine before doesn't work now. What to do? May I know how you guys treat your psoriasis 😥


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sorry to hear this Honey, been a while,i just try eat as healthy as can be with psoriatic diet , use childs farm moisturiser and coconut oil, suppliments, omega 3 ,vitamin d, and multi vitamins

Honey @honey

That's what I do except the childs farm moisturizer. 😥

Susan @godcares

Honey I got healing by dealing with lifestyle changes. I am now drug free and ointment/cream free for many moons. Probably about a decade or 2.... I did it with starting with an elimination diet that I sent to many people and can send it to you if you message me. I also did tons of stuff to live a mindful, peaceful life. I had to do this as my behavior was over the top and I needed to learn to be settled. At 56 I am still working on me and life. Don't like stress at all and have to maintain balance or I invite that stupid stress. LOL.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Honey, I also have had good results with dietary changes and supplemmets. When I go off track (like I did this past week) I am quickly reminded why I don't eat those certain foods anymore. Keeping consrantly mousturized really helps me as well. Have you seen your dr or derm recently? Maybe time for a new plan?

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Honey, yes loads of people say that after a while of good results, ointments and applications can stop working as well and need switching up to something fresh. I've had similar in the past too with medicated shampoos, had good results for a while then kind of stopped. For me right now I am unmedicated, first time in 21 years. No prescription stuff for around 6-9 months now. I treat my psoriasis with oil soaks for my scalp, colloidal oatmeal moisturiser (Aveeno range), and I've spent this past year looking at my triggers. I've found that they are diet, hormones, stress and onset of illness. So I'm working on all of these!

Connie @connie2098

I gave been using bag balm on my skin it helps keep my moist, does not clean it up completely, but it is a whole lot better then it was before.

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Honey @honey

I got it when I was 18 years old....

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