...feeling frustrated Hennie @hennie


Has anyone tried the uvb lamp treatment ????
And does it work ????


Theme Light Therapy for Psoriasis

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Leigh @leigh

Hi, I'very tried uvb light treatment and it works. I was covered head to foot and it it he'd like mad. You do have to put cream on after treatment, but definitely would givexpect it ago.

Fluke @fluke

I wasn't given cream, but it definitely helps. Not a long term slution though. It kept all at bay for about 4-5 months before all coming back

John R
John R @johnr

yes tried it and it worked but only lasts for a short time. You can only use this treatment occasionally. Risk of skin cancer i was told.

Leigh @leigh

My treatment was at a hospital so your monitored. My psoriasis hasn't come back after 5years of the treatment, only get a few odd spots.

John R
John R @johnr

I'm pleased for you Leigh. I think the important thing Hennie is that we all respond differently to treatment. If you are not under a Dermatologist then I would insist that you get your doctor to refer you as there are a number of treatments available.

Caroline @BABD

Hi Hennie,
I have psoriasis since birth and nothing worked (creams, oils, pills, etc) and the only thing that actually worked is the UV lamps treatments! Just ask yourself when you're in summer and your skin has a lot of sunbaths, how's your skin and your psoriasis? Better? right?!
Hope I helped you on your decision.
And hope you find something to get better!

karen @asb

yes i have tried it and it does work, the best treatment i have had,,,,

Cheri @Cheri

I had P on 90% of my body and was using maximum steroid cream that only kept the P from worsening but with little improvement. I lived too far from the P clinic to go for light therapy so my Dr told me to go to a tanning bed. I did and 1 month later all of my areas had completely or almost completely disappeared. I would recommend tanning beds for those who need to get control of their P and then use creams and occasional use tanning bed to maintain your sanity. in the beginning of use for the tanning bed, I went everyday or every chance possible on a daily basis.

Cheri @Cheri

Also I am in the cancer field as a medical physicist and do planning for cancer patients receiving radiation therapy. Although I had never been in a tanning bed nor would I have ever recommended it to anyone, I really had no choice. Radiation is used to treat cancer and it can also cause cancer. It is a double edged sword as we in the field describe it's nature. However, when you have P on 90% of your body and are miserable, tanning beds offer a solution and will offer relief that then just learn to use it as little as possible to get relief from your P. Finally, as it was explained to me, treatment of P by UVB rays (the same as used in tanning beds) does not look that good in the textbooks but that is because when patients use the therapy and get complete control of their P from it, often times the patient does not return to the dermatologists for follow up and there is no documentation of the disappearance of the disease. Why is that? Most patients only go to the Dermatologist when they are having issues with their P and not when it is gone!

cheryl @cheryl

Cheri I have been referred for light therapy, when you say tanning beds help do they have to be a certain kind, UVB or would the normal tanning beds be of the same help, Im moving to Germany in 3 weeks, and have my daughters wedding in May Im getting desperate to clear at least some of this flare up, not a good look on wedding photos :(

Ragazza @ragazza

I'm on UVB treatment in the hospital... before I always had the PUVA treatment... must say that UVB works faster

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