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Evening my lovely’s :) hope everyone’s had a good day. Just a quick Embarrassing question lol. But what do u ladies use to wash down there when u have a flare up?? :)


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Paul @paul116

Valid question don't be embarrassed

Nikki @niksam

I’m still struggling to find an answer for this. I’ve tried just using water, but you don’t feel clean! I’ve tried extra sensitive baby wipes, but they’ve all got citric acid in them and that is a big trigger, at least it is for me.

natalie @nataliemc

sudocrem might help.. just a suggestion.

Nikki @niksam

I always used to use sudocrem on sore skin, but since P it’s burnt my skin :(

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes, that stuff can burn nikki,i stopped using it after a few times last year

amanda @amanda11

Aww thanks Paul :)
And thank u all for ur comments. I’ve tried sudocream but burns lol. I use baby wipes by simple, when I go loo but when I’m showering I use femfresh which I’ve used for years, but when I have a flare up it just doesn’t feel very fresh down there if u know what I mean, everything seems to burn when I’m flared up :(

Paul @paul116

When working in hospital if someones skin was sore in the genital areas we always washed them with Aqueous cream,Yes you can wash with it !!!...Use like soap on your flannel etc hope this helps ladies

amanda @amanda11

Thanks Paul, do you know where I can buy this from?? :)

Paul @paul116

Supermarket Asda, boots etc etc

Andy @andy7

Hi Amanda, I have recently started using “ child Farm” they do baby wash, bubble bath and moisturiser. I use the wash and moisturiser and find very good. I use it around the “ delicate “ areas. Hope you get sorted soon. X

amanda @amanda11

Ohhh I didn’t think of that, I have the moisturiser, thank u, will give that a try also. And thanks Paul will have a look 2moz :)

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Good luck Amamda, I hope those can be helpful for you! I like to use goats milk soap. It is very gentle and they have different types.

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

Amanda this may give you a good laugh but here goes anyway..I use Pine Tar Soap no matter where the Psorasis just soothes ..

john @john9537

I use Dermol 500 which was prescribed and although weak, it soothes and is water soluble. Easy to manage as it is not greasy or smelly.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Amanda, when I shower I use Aveeno Body Wash for all my outside skin, and then I use Black African liquid soap for pits and bits. Haha!

FlakyChica @flakychica

I use n all natural handmade soap made with apple cider vinegar and she butter and natural oils, it is a round hard bar that lathers up so good . I am in USA and get it from Vsofresh . com It totally soothes and heals fast. I like that there are no perfumes or colors etc. I just use it all the time, never stop and I do have good luck with the V creases staying clear. Inner thighs way better than ever

Barbara @barbara4057

I use African black body wash, Himalayan salts, dead sea salts, bath oils with no sulfates

Barbara @barbara4057

It is embarrassing I know. I have that self confidence, but I seriously doubt guys are understanding.
I was diagnosed with a rare form causing genital ulcer around my labia. Excruciating so I tape a hydrogen to it with Coach tape. The hospital recommended hydrogen.
I wash with bath oils that are sulfate free.
I also am changing what I eat to get more protein and vitamins. I was told take probiotics. I take women's formula that helps with vaginal health.
Finally after years, I'm getting better!
This ugly thing has made me not want to go to a pool. The hot tub helps with the hardening plaques.
I know men in my life have been no help. People judge

Skyler @skyler

Emily, my sweet friend— oh what a rare gift you have. You just don’t know how blessed you are. I am 53 so I know what I’m talking about. I do have psoriasis but I do not have it on my private area. When the time is right - you will meet someone who will love you for your heart. They will accept you just as you are. You don’t want to ruin your reputation by sleeping around with guys. The girls that do sleep around are the ones who get talked about. I hope something I’ve said can give you a little bit of peace. You sound like a lovely person. God bless you honey.

Barbara @barbara4057

It's really painful but yes I do.
I soak in bath salts like pink Himalayan, foaming baths.
I like Dr. Teal's products found at Walmart.
I have read sea salts too.
I'm really conscientious.
I have a rare condition that caused a nasty ulcer.
It's finally closing but it's causing pain, itch and odor.
I changed how I eat too.
Less sugars, soda, more high protein foods and probiotics

Barbara @barbara4057

Yes most of the stuff, even the Hydrogel the hospital recommended burns! The special hydrcollidal pads they gave me, they said cools?? Burns my parts.
The hydrcollidal hospital grade pads I get at CVS don't burn and pull drainage away from skin.
I put the pad, gauze and secure it with Coach sport tape.
Hospital said no, but that holds it on best!
These doctors I really think want us to stay sick to keep us coming back.
I'm doing this and good diet and gradually getting better

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