...feeling sad natalie @nataliemc


had a bad day guys regarding my diet plan. had chinese food for dinner noddles and all. and now i have a bottle of wine on chill.. 😈


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Chris @Chris70

Be a devil now and again can't all be 😇

Nikki @niksam

Life would be really boring if we always followed the rules, even if they’re our own rules! I find it easier, to forgive yourself and remind yourself that you have to be kind to yourself. It helps with the guilt and that relieves the stress :) Stress isn’t good for P so you’ll feel better all round!
I’m not sure if I made sense, I’ve had to take morphine!

natalie @nataliemc

thanks nikki. 👍 how you getting on.

James @ferns

Not a bad day, just a human day.

natalie @nataliemc

true chris. and anyway being a 😈 is way more fun.. lol

Chris @Chris70

That's the truth Natalie 😉

Mishlyn @mishlyn

A human day, I really like that James :)
Try not to beat yourself up Natalie, enjoy yourself and keep on keepin on' you have been doing great!
You make perfect sense Nikki! Well said! Hope you are doing good :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Sounds delicious Natalie. The wine I mean....;)
By the way, one has to let your hair down now and then. my 'now and then' was every weekend from Fri - Sun, but now it's only on a Friday. Because it's wine night. That's my treat for being a good girl ;)

Susan @godcares

James is right. Not a bad day, just a human day. Nobody eats perfectly all the time. Be good to yourself and just get back on track.

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