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This chronic fatigue is by far one of the worst symptoms of psoriasis. Sometimes I'm just tired down to my bones. Though having a toddler try to push me out of bed and telling me its her bed at 3am might not help that situation either!


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Glenn @ScalyRoo

Is fatigue really a symptom of psoriasis? I was never aware of this- I thought it was just my bad diet or tendency to lounge in bed for too long and hit snooze a half a dozen or so times on my alarm.

Liz @lizzi

Know how you feel I get the same so tried all time living on pain killers etc it's no fun when you got children to care for just do your best I'm sure you do xx

Don @don

been told about C F S with the rash I thought I was just dead on my feet xx thank you Don

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

glenn if you have arthritis associated aswell,i feel tired all the time,(fatigued) and most with arthritis if not all . do feel tired alot of the time :(

Janice @Immy

I have never suffered fatigue until the last year when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, after six months of diet change I am no longer a diabetic. But 8 weeks ago I caught some horrible cold/sore throat virus and spent a fortune on cold remedies all loaded with sugar and it took 7 weeks to clear and still have a croaky voice, I think I have diabetes again as the fatigue has returned and I am having night sweats, I am due to have my yearly review on the 3rd so am now working hard to get my glucose level down, so fingers crossed as my review really is for my high blood pressure and cholesterol but they do about 12 different tests due to the tabs that I take, because as we all know, tabs help one thing but can give you another. I did read that cholesterol tabs can cause diabetes type 2.

Pam @pampar

I have spent so much of the last week just sleeping, I agree with you Joni, it IS one of the most debilitating symptons of Psoriasis & in my case Psoriatic Arthritis. I am absolutely worn out with 24/7 pain. I usually fight it with all my might but am ashamed to say that I have succumbed to it lately. I'm in the hospital tomorrow for my 'treatment' so hopefully I will be a lot better by next week. hey ho we have to go on xx

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