...feeling okay natalie @nataliemc


ive been noticeing these aloe vera drinks popping up every where lately has any one every tried these..


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Nope, its probably full of additives/stabilisers natalie, bottled,can drinks is bad, ,psoriasis likes those things

Clint @NJClint

Yes I. Drank it years ago didn't hurt but I. Just consider it a food

leanne78 @leanne78

I bought 2 from pound shop but noticed floaty bits in them that gave me the boak so didn’t try them 🙈xx


dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel

They're rotten they are full of lumps like drinking tapioca

natalie @nataliemc

cool. thanks guys. i think i will give it a miss

Ruben @ruben

Drank some last week. No additives, only pineapple for taste. Bit strange due to the pulp, but I liked it. Of it wasn't that expensive I'd drink that on a regular base. One of our Flaymily uses pure gel she harvests herself, adds a spoon of honey and takes one spoon a day of that mixture

Susan @godcares

Never saw them natalie. If they don't have tons of chemicals then why not. I have this psychological thing about ingesting aloe vera. LOL. Real stuff is quite slimy. All in my head I know. I love it on my skin though.

Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't tried it but I would! I'm used to drinking water kefir every day so I guess this wouldn't be any weirder!

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