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Need advice with how to stop scratching in my sleep with out using mittens. The heat is really making my skin irritable and I can't control myself when sleeping


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natalie @nataliemc

Stay as cool as possible msybe sleep naked on just cotton sheets.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Kez, I find keeping my nails short is my best defense. Apple cider vinegar is also really great with the intense itch.

Sumonds (SUE)
Sumonds (SUE) @sumonds

Michelle what do you do with apple cider vinegar please?

Jen @jen1984

Kez take antihistamine to enable you to sleep.

Kez @kez1

I do anyway for my asthma but now they have changed me to day time one because it doesn't make any difference at night

Jen @jen1984

Sorry to hear that Kez. My OTC antihistamines work well for me.

Sarah @sarahuk

Which bit of your skin are you itching most at night Kez? If it is scalp I can really recommend applying oil, it works really well for me for the worst scalp itching...Elsewhere I use Aveeno Cream before bed and it is quite thick and I find it very protecting and soothing.

Patricia @pasttyann

I do that a lot especially on my scalp I have t-gel extra strength and I take showers when I cant sleep but then water gets worst ugh I had injections steroids I got appointment Monday 23rd thank god

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello patty, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes?, i dont hardly itch at all, i wish you well :)

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Kez @kez1
Reading, UK

I am an outgoing 35 yr old parent of 2. Not your usual mum or wife, love to be different or stand out from the rest except when I have a major flare up. P is generally maintained over 20yrs however now hit my 3rd major flare up.

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